Armonía Social

The project

Armonía Social is a program of instruction and collective practice of orchestral music for girls, boys and young people that promotes merit through improvement workshops and sectional rehearsals developed in cores.


Children in an orchestra learn, in addition to playing an instrument, the capacity for abstraction, materialization of new goals and dreams, discipline, teamwork, to seek merit, discover the transcendental power of music, explore creativity, find identity and belonging, learn honesty, generate self-esteem and confidence in a group, acquire an occupation and develop communication tools. In a word, it is an antidote to the lack of future and hope.


Armonía Social aims to develop a standard of musical education and improve the educational and artistic quality of the Yucatán Peninsula region. It is a program that aims to open the wings of music through youth orchestras, with which we work intensively throughout the year, to involve children and young people with limited opportunities.


It will be promoted in a timely manner to recruit young musicians who will be part of the program in 2023.